Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pool Fun and "Big Boy Bed"

Naomi trying to sneak a sip of Nathan's Rice Milk
Pool Fun at our Neighbor's pool on Memorial Day.Naomi had a ball. Of course Nathan didn't like it when he got splashed... I am afraid Naomi is going to beat him up one day! We had a neighborhood cookout... lots of kids, food and fun.

So, I don't have a picture of Nathan's "New Bed" as he calls it. I should get one b/c it is pretty funny. He has everything in place... just like his crib. He has his blue blanket that he has laid on top of since birth, his yellow little pillow at the top, his brown doggie on one side of him and his blue doggie on the other side. He refuses the idea of covers on top of him, so we pull them back to kind of keep him from trying to get off the end of his bed.

The transition was so much better than I thought. We tried to switch him a couple of months ago and he resisted any change. But, we had the "new bed" right beside his crib. So, after the advise of a friend who recently went through the transition , we took the crib down and he had only one choice. Once we did that, there was no problem. Not a cry or an attempt to climb out of the bed. This is my "type A" child: I don't he even realizes it is an option to get out. He just sits in there and plays until I come and get him. I hope this lasts! Both kids sleeping... a dream I never thought would come true!

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