Monday, June 30, 2008


I love summer time! Part of the reason is because you often get to see friends that you normally do not get to see. Our friends Amy and Chris White stopped through to visit. This is there little girl, Georgia, who is almost 2 mos. older than Naomi. You would of never thought that from this picture. It is amazing sometimes to watch your friends grow up and have families. I often forget that i too am growing up. I still feel like i am 18... well sometimes.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nathan, Jackson and Catch at the Game Ranch

Jackson, Nathan and Catch striking a pose
Jackson feeding the biggest Pig I have ever seen
Nathan attempting to feed the Donkey.

Nathan and I along with my friend April and her son Catch got to go visit some friends that are in Stone Mountain for June. We got to visit the Game Ranch. Nathan really enjoyed it and was unexpectantly brave. For some reason, since we haved moved to Macon the Lord has placed me around friends who love animals. My heart is slowly softening.


Today in Naomi world... she crawled across the floor! She has taken a few crawls here and there, but today I would say she really crawled! I immediately saw a difference in her attitude.... almost liberation. She was so much more happy and entertained. Life just gets better with her!
She is so much fun lately. She has figured out clapping and waving and pulls up on everything. Most days when I go to get her from her crib she is standing, holding on to the crib for dear life. This stage is so funny to me. I think it is Eric's favorite. I don't like it as much because she is so wiggly and is not as content just being held and snuggled up. We are so thankful for her.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Our faithful seminary friends. We think Naomi and Josiah look cute together!
Enamored by the airplanes
Do boys ever stop liking vehicles?
Modern 2 yr old.
Pool fun with Josiah Wood

The youngest Vander Maas girls. Naomi was sad they had to leave.

We are so thankful that we were able to go as a family to the PCA's General Assembly in Dallas Texas. Surprisingly, the kids did GREAT and we were able to participate and enjoy learning more about the PCA. It was very encouraging for Eric and I to meet and talk with others in the faith who have gone before us and have much wisdom to pass down. It was great to catch up with old friends as well. We were able to have a hotel room right beside some friends from seminary, which was wonderful when it came time for the kids to sleep... I had someone to talk to in the hall so i didn't have to sit in a dark quiet by myself and we could switch listening to monitors- thanks Amy wood!

Eric, the traveler

The statue of liberty from afar
Ground Zero
The financial district

Eric returned Sunday from a trip in NY city working with an urban ministry called Project Exodus. He returned full of stories and empty of energy. It was a great week for him and the team of young adults and recent high school grads from our church.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pool Fun and "Big Boy Bed"

Naomi trying to sneak a sip of Nathan's Rice Milk
Pool Fun at our Neighbor's pool on Memorial Day.Naomi had a ball. Of course Nathan didn't like it when he got splashed... I am afraid Naomi is going to beat him up one day! We had a neighborhood cookout... lots of kids, food and fun.

So, I don't have a picture of Nathan's "New Bed" as he calls it. I should get one b/c it is pretty funny. He has everything in place... just like his crib. He has his blue blanket that he has laid on top of since birth, his yellow little pillow at the top, his brown doggie on one side of him and his blue doggie on the other side. He refuses the idea of covers on top of him, so we pull them back to kind of keep him from trying to get off the end of his bed.

The transition was so much better than I thought. We tried to switch him a couple of months ago and he resisted any change. But, we had the "new bed" right beside his crib. So, after the advise of a friend who recently went through the transition , we took the crib down and he had only one choice. Once we did that, there was no problem. Not a cry or an attempt to climb out of the bed. This is my "type A" child: I don't he even realizes it is an option to get out. He just sits in there and plays until I come and get him. I hope this lasts! Both kids sleeping... a dream I never thought would come true!