Thursday, May 1, 2008

life with the Lord

So... life with the Lord is hard, exciting, fun and also sad at times. This week has been crazy: one friend had a beautiful healthy baby boy, one friend had to take her 18 month old for serious tests, one friend found out that her baby( she is carrying) has a tumor that is life threatening. I have quit trying to understand God's plan, timing and purposes in this life. Sometimes there is great joy and sometimes there is not. Sometimes I just wish I could take the hard circumstances for people. Not that I think i could deal any better with it, but just so those kind people would not have to hurt. My only hope is that this life is not it... I forget it so much....that there is something more we are made for. These type of days remind me of this...but I wish I could keep this perspective. This world fools me often into being wrapped up in the day to day circumstances. I want to keep my gaze upon what is worthy. Come Lord Jesus!

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Tebbano Family said...

Annette, thanks for posting this. It's so true, yet so easy for me to forget. I need to be reminded of it often! Hope you all are doing well.