Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Isabel Faye Lee

This sweet little girl passed into Glory on Saturday May 10th. This is the baby of the friend that I shared about that had a tumor. The parents flew to Philadelphia for tests on last Thursday. After an awful day of MRI's and Ultrasounds, the specialists informed Lisa ( the mom) that the tumor had grown exponentially and had now become a threat to the Mom's life. Shocked and devastated the couple had to catch the last flight home to Macon and report straight to the hospital to deliver the baby ( 21 weeks.) It was the saddest few days as Lisa had to wait until her body would go into labor and deliver little Isabel. It took about 26 hours. They and their family allowed Eric and I to walk through this time with them and be with them in the hospital. They wanted us to meet sweet Isabel and I just could not stop crying ( and I am not a big crier.) She was beautiful, with all features developed and dark hair. The tumor was half the size of her. Isabel had passed into glory a few hours before she was born which made it easier on the parents to know they were doing the right thing. We had a funeral for her yesterday and Eric helped with it. David and Lisa were amazing... i can only wish I would be that strong. They have no other children and had already miscarried once! It is a priveledge they have let us walk with them in this. I have had to cling to God's word and to the perspective in my last blog....Heaven is what we are all created for and Isabel just gets it first!

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Hurst Family said...

I can't imagine what it was like going through that. I cried and cried just reading your entry! (I'm not like you, though - I cry very easily!) Praying for that family, love Tara