Saturday, April 19, 2008

In a NY minute

We stayed in a Hostel in Harlem... quite the experience. We didn't exactly catch up on our sleep in our bunk beds. With all the sound around us, at least we did not have to tend to crying babes!
We got to preview the mission trip that Eric will be leading this summer to " Project Exodus" in the Washington Heights area in Manhattan. It was a special time, I felt changed. It was hard work. Those kids are in such a different culture than I have ever had to experience. Time without my own babies went by fast being surrounded by such need.
They are so lovable and clamored for attention. I had one child on both arms at all times!
Of course we fit in some sight seeing in our 2 days there. This is a picture of the castle at Central Park. The whole park is amazing... just like the movies!
Rockefeller Center
The streets of Harlem! Too bad we couldn't fit in a show.
Eric at his best. I think being without the kids did something to him!

The Empire State building. This is about as close as we got.


Guhn said...

Warning! See Please Here

Matt Seilback said...

Hi Annette,
Matt and I took the youth from our former church in PA to NYC for the same mission trip. . .working with Project Exodus in Washington Heights. It was a great week. I hope you all enjoy it too.
Kelli Seilback