Friday, April 11, 2008

The Diagnosis

We got a phone call from the GI specialist last night at 9:20 pm. He is the only pediatric GI specialist in central Ga.- so i guess this is when he makes calls.

So, now the doctor said we have ruled a lot of things out and has resigned to call it "motor dysfunction." He said that she just has an immature gut and that it is a functional disorder because she is gaining weight. He said that the sensations in her gut are distracted and diluted in the day by all the stimuli- but at night when everything is quite and dark the sensations are predominant and that is why she seems to hurt more at night. It makes sense- b/c if we can distract her with as much stimuli at night ( running water, music, drinking a bottle, walking etc.) she can calm down. He said sometimes this immaturity can last the greater part of their infancy and usually will start to turn the corner around 1 year. He said the more solid foods the better and we are giving her daily doses of Miralax( b/c she is constipated often.) He wants to still keep a close check on her and wants us to call if there are any changes, but we will have just have to wait it out.

This might be more detail than you wanted... but I wanted to update you. Thank you for praying for us. Eric has been so wonderful! I gave up being up with her the whole night months ago and we split the night- he takes until 2 or 3 and I take until 7 or so. We are both getting a good chunk of sleep and then we take turns napping in the morning before Eric goes to work and we take naps in the afternoon whenever possible. The Lord is sustaining us. Just pray that we will display the patience of the Lord to her. We realize that we have so much to be thankful for... this is not fatal and she is healthy in every other way. I think of my friends that have children with serious health problems and I realize how much we have to be thankful for... all we are loosing is sleep. It is just a season for us. Thanks to many of you who pray consistently for us and have been such good friends to us... letting us complain and loving us.


Hurst Family said...

Hey Annette! Glad you guys finally have a diagnosis. I pray often for Naomi. She is going to be one tough little girl having to bear all that pain! You and Eric are such troopers. Love you and miss you, Tara

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