Saturday, April 19, 2008

In a NY minute

We stayed in a Hostel in Harlem... quite the experience. We didn't exactly catch up on our sleep in our bunk beds. With all the sound around us, at least we did not have to tend to crying babes!
We got to preview the mission trip that Eric will be leading this summer to " Project Exodus" in the Washington Heights area in Manhattan. It was a special time, I felt changed. It was hard work. Those kids are in such a different culture than I have ever had to experience. Time without my own babies went by fast being surrounded by such need.
They are so lovable and clamored for attention. I had one child on both arms at all times!
Of course we fit in some sight seeing in our 2 days there. This is a picture of the castle at Central Park. The whole park is amazing... just like the movies!
Rockefeller Center
The streets of Harlem! Too bad we couldn't fit in a show.
Eric at his best. I think being without the kids did something to him!

The Empire State building. This is about as close as we got.


Friday, April 11, 2008

The Diagnosis

We got a phone call from the GI specialist last night at 9:20 pm. He is the only pediatric GI specialist in central Ga.- so i guess this is when he makes calls.

So, now the doctor said we have ruled a lot of things out and has resigned to call it "motor dysfunction." He said that she just has an immature gut and that it is a functional disorder because she is gaining weight. He said that the sensations in her gut are distracted and diluted in the day by all the stimuli- but at night when everything is quite and dark the sensations are predominant and that is why she seems to hurt more at night. It makes sense- b/c if we can distract her with as much stimuli at night ( running water, music, drinking a bottle, walking etc.) she can calm down. He said sometimes this immaturity can last the greater part of their infancy and usually will start to turn the corner around 1 year. He said the more solid foods the better and we are giving her daily doses of Miralax( b/c she is constipated often.) He wants to still keep a close check on her and wants us to call if there are any changes, but we will have just have to wait it out.

This might be more detail than you wanted... but I wanted to update you. Thank you for praying for us. Eric has been so wonderful! I gave up being up with her the whole night months ago and we split the night- he takes until 2 or 3 and I take until 7 or so. We are both getting a good chunk of sleep and then we take turns napping in the morning before Eric goes to work and we take naps in the afternoon whenever possible. The Lord is sustaining us. Just pray that we will display the patience of the Lord to her. We realize that we have so much to be thankful for... this is not fatal and she is healthy in every other way. I think of my friends that have children with serious health problems and I realize how much we have to be thankful for... all we are loosing is sleep. It is just a season for us. Thanks to many of you who pray consistently for us and have been such good friends to us... letting us complain and loving us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring days and a family update

We have been waiting to post about Naomi's improvement when we were certain of improvement. It is not quite here yet. The feeding tube helped some... but she still woke up hurting in the night. We went back to the specialist last week explaining our frustration and he sent us to get another test done in her lower GI- we got the test results back and it was negative on a disease he was looking for. We are still waiting on a call back from the doctor explaining exactly what they found. So, we have her on some constipation medicine and still some reflux medicine. We have also started solid food for her again and have seen some improvement at night. She is sleeping a little more sound and is easier to console... but she is still frustrated. So, we don't know. We are trying to be patient with her. She is growing like crazy. She is so big and heavy! She is trying so hard to crawl. It will only be a matter of weeks.

Nathan has been a huge joy! Of course he has the occasional melt down, but for the most part he is much fun. His vocabulary and imagination are huge. It is so fun to watch him develop and grow into a little boy. He is full of life and is soaking everything up. He loves singing his ABC's and counting. He has memorized many books and sits on the floor and reads them to himself.

Eric and I are trying to spend quality time together. I get to go with him on a missions trip scouting trip to NYC next week for 2 days. It will be hard to leave the babes, but it will be so good to share this experience with him. We will be staying in hostels- so it won't be a second honeymoon- but it will be good to be together. God is using him greatly here at FPC and I am so thankful and proud to be his wife. He is such a great friend to me and such a serving and loving husband and father. We are so blessed. God is teaching us so much about the basics ( loving God and putting him first.)

Below are some fun picture from the past weeks. Thanks for caring for us and praying for our sweet family. We miss all our St. Louis Family! God used all of you in such an instrumental way in our sanctification.


Picking Strawberrys
Fireworks at the Cherry Blossom Festival
Naomi's first fireworks- she did not even flinch!

Below is my favorite picture that my friend Kristen took!
Jackson, Catch and Nathan posing beside a tractor when we went to the strawberry patch.