Tuesday, March 4, 2008

patience for me

Over the weekend Naomi felt a little better on the new medicine, but nothing very significant so I called the doctor on Monday. He said to come to their office early this morning and be prepared to admit her to the hospital. Of course,yesterday she started feeling better. When we got to the doctors office he said that since she wasn't worse on the medicine it was a step in the right direction. If he admitted her he would put a feeding tube in so her esophagus could rest and it would just buy her some time. So, he said to keep her on the Nexium and to not feed her anything but the elecare formula. We are to come back in a week. If at anytime she gets worse then we will admit her. She has shown some signs of improvement- last night she was still up but she was somewhat consolable. I asked him point blank what exactly was wrong with her and he said that she has esophagitis ( the inflammation and erosion of the esophagus), severe reflux and that allergies are playing into all of that. I would love a quick fix- but he said that she should out grow some of this. He said this next 6 mos. of her life she should improve as well as her pain tolerance should be getting higher.
The Lord is doing so much in my heart. Pray that I will believe God's promises. Thanks for your interest and concern


Audrey said...

dear sister, i'm so sorry that your dear Miss Naomi feels so badly. The poor little thing. I prayed for you after reading this. Glenners and I will continue to lift you up. You don't always have to wait for the Dr to give the word to take her to the hospital. Remember, Momma always knows best.

shmaynor said...

If you remember from watching me spin around like a crazy person, God is absolutely, 100 percent in control and loves you and your family so, so much. Even when it feels so uncomfortable, remember He knows everything. Always easier said than done, but keep stepping forward in faith. Answers will come, though God DOES take His time! Love you all!