Tuesday, March 11, 2008

help is on the way!

The specialist is admitting Naomi to the hospital in the morning! He wants her to have a feeding tube to neutralize the acid in her stomach and to let her esophagus rest for a couple of days. She will probably keep it for at least a week. He wants her to stay in the hospital until Friday and then if she is not improving he will do a "scope" on Friday to do further investigation. I am sad to put her through all of this but I am so excited about the possibility of her feeling better. The last week has been awful and it just seems to get worst... so we are actually excited to go to the hospital. Pray for her- that she will adjust well to the feeding tube and for the doctors- that they will have discernment. Thanks so much!


Kat said...

We will be praying for you guys as Naomi is in the hospital this week.

amywood_stl said...

We'll be praying! Hopefully this time will give Naomi's little system some rest and y'all some much-needed rest as well! Please keep us posted!

Angie and Wes said...

We really hate that Naomi has to go through all ofthis, but we do pray that y'all will get some answers this week and that she will finally get to be a happy, comfortable baby! We'll be praying for Nathan, too, I'm sure he doesn't know WHAT is going on!