Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pics

" Come on really, are you gonna eat that in front of me! Can't you put some of that in my feeding tube?
Easter Morn

" I know we are celebrating Jesus, But Can you please read Curious George for the 100th time"

" What , do I have something on my face?"


Her too!

"You can have this one. It doesn't have candy in it"

Inside Easter Egg hunt at Church with my buddies. On your mark...

My favorite friends: Jackson and Catch. We are so thankful for them and their families. They have made our time here in Macon so fun. It makes me laugh how serious they were about eating cookies- they are so deprived at home!

Easter egg hunt with Cousin Jacob. They eat had about 25 to hunt. They were worn out!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rest for all!

I asked Eric to bring the camera when he came back to the hospital, because Naomi started sucking her thumb. Normally, I would not be so excited because I already have one thumb sucker that I am afraid will never stop. I have been hoping Naomi would fine her thumb to self sooth herself in night. She is still new at it... so I hope it catches on!

We got home from the hospital last night. Boy, is it nice to be home. The first night was awful. The second night, we really saw a difference in having a feeding tube in and she slept 5 hrs. straight without hurting. Friday, we ended up having the scope done. Naomi had to have an empty stomach from 5 am until what was supposed to be 11am and ended up being 2pm! Of course the anesthesiologist had to have a lunch break! After the endoscopy, Dr. Israel told us that Naomi's esophagus was inflamed and red, but her stomach looked fine. He took biopsies to send to the lab and will let us know the results next week. So, he sent us home on Friday with a feeding tube for a week to continue to allow her esophagus to rest and to allow the acid to neutralize. The feeding tube has been interesting... we feed her 1 oz. an hour through the tube and 1 oz. by mouth every 2-3 hours. You can imagine how my 16lbs 10 oz. baby gets so angry when her normal 6 oz. bottle is empty at 1 oz. We have become really good at distraction. It has all been totally worth it. She slept awesome last night. We still have to get up and refill her tube every 4 hours, and put an occasional pacifier in, but it is awesome. I am so scared that when we have to take the tube out she will go back to hurting when she sleeps. I will enjoy this for now and hope her esophagus will heal soon. Thank you for all praying for us. Life with children is such an adventure and has deepened our trust in the Lord.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

help is on the way!

The specialist is admitting Naomi to the hospital in the morning! He wants her to have a feeding tube to neutralize the acid in her stomach and to let her esophagus rest for a couple of days. She will probably keep it for at least a week. He wants her to stay in the hospital until Friday and then if she is not improving he will do a "scope" on Friday to do further investigation. I am sad to put her through all of this but I am so excited about the possibility of her feeling better. The last week has been awful and it just seems to get worst... so we are actually excited to go to the hospital. Pray for her- that she will adjust well to the feeding tube and for the doctors- that they will have discernment. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

patience for me

Over the weekend Naomi felt a little better on the new medicine, but nothing very significant so I called the doctor on Monday. He said to come to their office early this morning and be prepared to admit her to the hospital. Of course,yesterday she started feeling better. When we got to the doctors office he said that since she wasn't worse on the medicine it was a step in the right direction. If he admitted her he would put a feeding tube in so her esophagus could rest and it would just buy her some time. So, he said to keep her on the Nexium and to not feed her anything but the elecare formula. We are to come back in a week. If at anytime she gets worse then we will admit her. She has shown some signs of improvement- last night she was still up but she was somewhat consolable. I asked him point blank what exactly was wrong with her and he said that she has esophagitis ( the inflammation and erosion of the esophagus), severe reflux and that allergies are playing into all of that. I would love a quick fix- but he said that she should out grow some of this. He said this next 6 mos. of her life she should improve as well as her pain tolerance should be getting higher.
The Lord is doing so much in my heart. Pray that I will believe God's promises. Thanks for your interest and concern