Thursday, February 28, 2008

The obnoxcious mother at the Dr's office

Yes, I am that mom that has my typed list out ready to embrace the doctor with. After all, I knew I was going to have my emotional, clingy toddler with me and I wanted to communicate as much as I could to the specialist and make it worth my $50 copay! He was gracious and I really felt like he heard me, all my questions and thoughts. I will spare you the gross details from a trip to the GI doctor and tell you the plan of action. He wants to try one more medicine ( Nexium) and if that is not the miracle drug for Naomi he said we will go the hospital route. He said call first thing on Monday morning if she is the same and he will proceed with a couple of tests. He said that possibly she has esophagitis( not quite sure what that is as of now)- but we will have to do 2 tests- one being putting a feeding tube in and watching her stomach as the formula is inserted and the other involving a scope. I will let you know more details if that is the route we have to go... but pray that it will be just as simple as a medicine switch. Thanks for caring for us.


Hurst Family said...

Annette, I will be praying for Naomi!! Love, Tara

amywood_stl said...

We'll definitely be praying that the medicine will work...please keep us posted! We'll also be praying for you & Eric as you maneuver through all of this stuff...we miss y'all! June will be here before we know it...Dallas here we come!