Friday, February 1, 2008

back from the doctor

This is a picture of my friend Rachel Rogers holding Naomi when she was first born. This dear friend spent Monday night with us. Her husband gives her Tuesday Mornings off from her kids so she decided to spend it sleeping so she could spend the night before being up with Naomi so we could sleep! What a dear friend!

Naomi went back to the specialist yesterday. He said we needed to stay on the formula b/c she was less aggravated on it. I am really sad about the end of nursing for her but of course I want what is best for her. Also, he thought some of her problems was due to some medicine she is taking that relaxes her stomach from cramping. He said her stomach is too relaxed and can't function properly. So we are not giving her that medicine, but her stomach is still cramping. We are to try a few more tricks as well as an increased dosage of Zantac and if in a week she still can't sleep we call him back and try somethingelse. It seems like it is just trial and error. It is good for me to be dependant on the Lord like this.

She was screaming at night with nursing her, now on the formula it is a whimper. She is still waking up hurting often- but it isn't as intense (sometimes.) She is doing better in the daytime- but she can't nap long unless I hold her. When she feels good she laughs and rolls over. She has started sucking her 4th finger. It is quite interesting how she figures out to get it. I wish she could suck her thumb so she could self soothe herself better.

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

What a SWEET picture of Naomi in your Jan. 19th post. That is the best up close picture I've seen of her (which is important for those of us that don't get to see you all in person.)
Thanks for updating, and keep them coming.