Saturday, January 19, 2008

The verdict is still out

Thanks to all my dear friends that have been praying for Naomi's tummy. It brings me much courage to know that we are being prayed for in this small trial.

So, as for an update... we went back to the GI Specialist on Thursday and he basically said to give it more time. He said that the fact that it wasn't getting worse was good news and that meant this EleCare formula was making a difference. He said that it would take at least 2-3 weeks for the milk and soy protein to get out of her system as well as out of my system as I attempt to nurse. In order to nurse I have to be on a 100% dairy and soy free diet. I am only in day 5 of the diet... so i will wait another week or so before I try it. It has seemed less intense lately- not as much screaming, but she is still aggravated most of the night and it sometimes starts around 10:30. The Dr. said the reason she grunts/ strains/ wiggles and can't get comfortable is b/c her body can't process the allergens so it ends up being trapped gas when her body is trying to rest. This was somewhat assuring b/c I was beginning to wonder if I didn't get the manual on parenting and baby sleeping that everyone else did. She is trying to sleep- her eyes are closed but without a pacifier and me holding her tight and walking around- she can't seem to calm down (sometimes that doesn't even work.)

The latest drama is that she just got put on an antibiotic b/c a culture she has done monthly b/c of her UTI she had at 2 mos. came back positive. The GI doctor is afraid that it wasn't necessary and it is going to mess up her 2 weeks of getting free of the stuff she is allergic to. I have noticed a bit of a relapse... but I am going to press on b/c I am hopeful this will help.
Eventually the doctor wants me continue nursing partially and give her the formula. He said in her case it would be very beneficial to be nursed if I can do the diet. This is one diet that I truly feel like i can't cheat on- but maybe it help me to fit back into those jeans!

I am so thankful for God's grace- I really am O.K. and Eric has been so helpful. I know it is just a season and soon enough she will not let me hold her.


Audrey said...

Dear family in GA. I pray for your comfort. Thank you for telling us the facts. Your honesty encourages me to be honest. WE love you guys and wish you were here with us in St. Louis. Would 9 degree weather help? Much love glen and audrey


Eric and Annette,
I found your blog from the Reeves site. It was good to hear what has been going on with you 4. I am so sorry to hear what you have been walking through. I just got through praying for you.
We miss you at Crossroads!