Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan and Nana!

As you can guess, the truck cake was for Nathan and the ice cream cake for Nana. They share a birthday on Dec. 26th.
All my hard work on this cake... and we decided to just let him play in it. The icing was so thick- i was afraid it would make him sick to eat it. Don't worry there were many cupcakes to make up for it.

Daddy helping Nathan blowing out the candles.

Naomi had pear juice instead of cake. We are hoping this will help some of her issues.

The birthday boy woke up on his birthday with a 101 degree fever. He was pitiful and I was so sad for him. We had to un-invite some of his neighborhood friends so that they would not get whatever he had. Thankfully, he is still young enough that he doesn't know what to expect with a birthday. He was out of it- but when the Tylenol kicked in he would have spurts of energy. You know something was wrong when he didn't want to eat pizza or cake. It is hard to believe he is 2. The year of making a transition to a bed and hopefully being potty trained. His vocabulary is huge these days. He speaks in sentences. I can't believe he has grown so fast. We went to his 2 year appointment where they try to estimate how tall he is going to be. They said he would probably be around 6 '1. He is 75 percentile in Height and 25th in weight. Naomi on the other hand at her 4 mos. checkup was off the charts in height ( 97th) and 50 % in weight at 13 lbs. I am afraid she is going to be bigger than him in middle school. If he stays as sensitive and as emotional as he is, she will probably beat him up too.

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amywood_stl said...

Annette - the truck cake looks amazing! I hope Nathan is feeling better by now and that Naomi has not yet started beating him up.