Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus

Christmas with Eric's side of the family. Ever year the cousin's do a couch picture. Every year it gets fuller and fuller.
Christmas at Papa and Gi Gi's

Gi Gi wanted Naomi to have her share too.

Christmas at Annette's families house. Her sisters and the kiddos.

Some new hair accesories for Naomi.

Christmas morning at our house. I think Eric was just as excited about Nathan's race track. Nathan was so excited on Christmas- he couldn't fall asleep at nap time. To hear him over the monitor was hilarious.

Christmas Eve. We let Nathan open a present from a church friend. It was a four wheeler. He cried when he had to go to bed.

The only way we seemed to communicate Christmas to Nathan was to explain it as a birthday party. So we were able to celebrate at our house on Christmas eve and Christmas morning before venturing to our families. We were able to have cake and ice cream and open presents. the Christmas story and we had fun. Things are starting to click for Nathan and that has been fun.

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