Saturday, January 19, 2008

The verdict is still out

Thanks to all my dear friends that have been praying for Naomi's tummy. It brings me much courage to know that we are being prayed for in this small trial.

So, as for an update... we went back to the GI Specialist on Thursday and he basically said to give it more time. He said that the fact that it wasn't getting worse was good news and that meant this EleCare formula was making a difference. He said that it would take at least 2-3 weeks for the milk and soy protein to get out of her system as well as out of my system as I attempt to nurse. In order to nurse I have to be on a 100% dairy and soy free diet. I am only in day 5 of the diet... so i will wait another week or so before I try it. It has seemed less intense lately- not as much screaming, but she is still aggravated most of the night and it sometimes starts around 10:30. The Dr. said the reason she grunts/ strains/ wiggles and can't get comfortable is b/c her body can't process the allergens so it ends up being trapped gas when her body is trying to rest. This was somewhat assuring b/c I was beginning to wonder if I didn't get the manual on parenting and baby sleeping that everyone else did. She is trying to sleep- her eyes are closed but without a pacifier and me holding her tight and walking around- she can't seem to calm down (sometimes that doesn't even work.)

The latest drama is that she just got put on an antibiotic b/c a culture she has done monthly b/c of her UTI she had at 2 mos. came back positive. The GI doctor is afraid that it wasn't necessary and it is going to mess up her 2 weeks of getting free of the stuff she is allergic to. I have noticed a bit of a relapse... but I am going to press on b/c I am hopeful this will help.
Eventually the doctor wants me continue nursing partially and give her the formula. He said in her case it would be very beneficial to be nursed if I can do the diet. This is one diet that I truly feel like i can't cheat on- but maybe it help me to fit back into those jeans!

I am so thankful for God's grace- I really am O.K. and Eric has been so helpful. I know it is just a season and soon enough she will not let me hold her.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tummy Update on Naomi

She is nearing 5 months and it just seems to be getting worse! Over the holidays her night schedule changed from sleeping 8-2 am and then waking up and hurting off and on the rest of the night to going 8-11:30. Our pediatrician just had brain surgery- so he has been out of pocket. We saw a PA for her 4 mos. appointment and her advice was to start her on rice cereal to see if that would calm her stomach so she could sleep. The cereal seemed to make her tummy more aggravated and she began hurting more in the day as well. So, I called the Dr's. office and begged them for any other guidance- and they sent me to a specialist!

We went yesterday. He noticed there was blood in her stool (sorry to be so graphic) and thought that she might have severe food allergies. He wants us to use a medical hypoallergenic formula for 5 days to see if that is it and we will go back next week. If this is not it we will have to do an upper GI and other tests. Pray that it can be as simple as this. Pray also that our insurance will cover the formula- i think it would run nearly 40$ a can! I am sure Nathan thinks that all babies do is cry. My arms are getting so strong b/c I am holding her half of the night and sometimes during naps. Thanks for caring for us.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan and Nana!

As you can guess, the truck cake was for Nathan and the ice cream cake for Nana. They share a birthday on Dec. 26th.
All my hard work on this cake... and we decided to just let him play in it. The icing was so thick- i was afraid it would make him sick to eat it. Don't worry there were many cupcakes to make up for it.

Daddy helping Nathan blowing out the candles.

Naomi had pear juice instead of cake. We are hoping this will help some of her issues.

The birthday boy woke up on his birthday with a 101 degree fever. He was pitiful and I was so sad for him. We had to un-invite some of his neighborhood friends so that they would not get whatever he had. Thankfully, he is still young enough that he doesn't know what to expect with a birthday. He was out of it- but when the Tylenol kicked in he would have spurts of energy. You know something was wrong when he didn't want to eat pizza or cake. It is hard to believe he is 2. The year of making a transition to a bed and hopefully being potty trained. His vocabulary is huge these days. He speaks in sentences. I can't believe he has grown so fast. We went to his 2 year appointment where they try to estimate how tall he is going to be. They said he would probably be around 6 '1. He is 75 percentile in Height and 25th in weight. Naomi on the other hand at her 4 mos. checkup was off the charts in height ( 97th) and 50 % in weight at 13 lbs. I am afraid she is going to be bigger than him in middle school. If he stays as sensitive and as emotional as he is, she will probably beat him up too.

Happy Birthday Jesus

Christmas with Eric's side of the family. Ever year the cousin's do a couch picture. Every year it gets fuller and fuller.
Christmas at Papa and Gi Gi's

Gi Gi wanted Naomi to have her share too.

Christmas at Annette's families house. Her sisters and the kiddos.

Some new hair accesories for Naomi.

Christmas morning at our house. I think Eric was just as excited about Nathan's race track. Nathan was so excited on Christmas- he couldn't fall asleep at nap time. To hear him over the monitor was hilarious.

Christmas Eve. We let Nathan open a present from a church friend. It was a four wheeler. He cried when he had to go to bed.

The only way we seemed to communicate Christmas to Nathan was to explain it as a birthday party. So we were able to celebrate at our house on Christmas eve and Christmas morning before venturing to our families. We were able to have cake and ice cream and open presents. the Christmas story and we had fun. Things are starting to click for Nathan and that has been fun.