Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Naomi's baptism

Naomi got baptised on Dec. 2nd. Eric's family as well as my family got to come and be with us! Both Naomi and Nathan did well. Naomi was alert and just smiling. She actually handled to water on her head and face pretty well. It is amazing to think of them as people who will one day decide to be a covenant keeper or breaker... oh how I need to continually be on my knees for them as they embrace this world! I am not trying to get theological here. I just realize that most of their decisions in life right now are decided by me and I have to realize that being a mom means that I have to trust the Lord completely with them. Pray that I will be a mom that prays and prays and prays!

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Audrey said...

Loved reading about Naomi's baptism. And to think, she will decide whether to be a covenant keeper or breaker. Wise words, Momma Ashley!