Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

Last year we did not even try to get Nathan to sit on Santa's lap b/c he was deathly afraid of him, but this year we thought he might be better. We thought wrong. Naomi looks like she is scheming up some great plans for Santa.
It is always so hard to get a decent family picture. But we keep trying.

It doesn't seem like Christmastime around here. Some days we are even wearing short sleeves. It has been nice to be able to get outside to playgrounds.

Please notice the lovely Christmas vests compliments of Eric's mother. She didn't appreciate us asking her for some sweaters to wear to a Cheezy Christmas Sweater Christmas party. His mom did work for the school system for 30 + years. If you look closely you can see that Eric is wearing a Santa necklace!

Nathan is so fun these days... but he is getting heavy and long. The emotions of an almost 2 year old keep my arms full with him saying " want me to hold you"- which is actually just repeating what I say to him when he reaches for me to hold him. I guess there will be a day when he will not want me to hold him.

Nathan is so attached to his doggies these days. He has to have two of them with him, his "brown doggie" which is a blanket with a dog head on it given from my friend Rachel from Macon and the " blue doggie" is one that I tried for the longest time to get him to be attached to b/c he had such bad separation anxiety and I thought it would help him when I had to leave him. Now he is very attached to it... so much so that we lost it a few months ago and I had to look online for one just like it. The only one I could find had a barking mechanism in it - so I got it and tore the noise maker out and sewed it back up. Oh the things we do for our children!

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Maria said...

I'm new to blogs so I'm checking up on friends' old blog posts. I just read the one about Nathan being attached to his dog - - success! I remember when he was only attached to his hand and you! I love that you had to perform surgery on the replacement dog!! Miss you!