Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Naomi update

So her tests came back fine, so thankfully it must of just been a fluke. The test were not fun though. They told me not to feed her 4 hrs. before her appointment at 9 am. So, we patiently waited and didn't get seen until 11:00! I didn't get to feed her until 11:30. If you have a baby you know 6 1/2 hrs. is quite a stretch for a baby to go in the day w/out food. To top it off, when we got back there they told me that she didn't have to fast- someone told me wrong. What can you do but laugh sometimes!
Somehow by body has seemed to adjust to the lack of sleep. I am still getting up around 1 and then Either Eric or i stay up with her from 4:30-8 am as she tries to sleep- but can't b/c she can't get comfortable. She is better in the day though.
We do truly have a lot to be thankful for- it could be so much worst.

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Audrey said...

i'm so sorry for all of your heartache and lack of sleep with sweet Naomi!
I can't imagine having to feed her something that smelled like canned dog food.

glenny and i will pray for your family...and sleepless early mornings...she is cute as can be!