Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elephant and Octopus

I love this stage wit Nathan. He is so chatty and creative. Everything is an adventure to him. Our trip during Thanksgiving was fun on the road b/c he was so entertained by all the vehicles that past by. At breakfast a lot of time he will look out of our bay window in the breakfast room and tell us what he sees out there. There has been a lion (a.k.a. a golden retriever), an elephant and today he said " I see octupus out there." Granted we do have a million leaves covering the ground- so maybe he is right.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thankful for family!

The Ashley girls at Thanksgiving in South Ga. (GiGi, Annette, Naomi, Kathryn and Alison!)

Uncle Todd got to spend some time with Naomi.
Aunt Kathryn got her opportunity to comfort Naomi- they look ready for one of their own- don't you think? It was good to be with family and to have extra hands to hold fussy children. We got to spend Tuesday night before Thanksgiving with Annette's family and we realize how thankful we are to have our family so much closer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Naomi update

So her tests came back fine, so thankfully it must of just been a fluke. The test were not fun though. They told me not to feed her 4 hrs. before her appointment at 9 am. So, we patiently waited and didn't get seen until 11:00! I didn't get to feed her until 11:30. If you have a baby you know 6 1/2 hrs. is quite a stretch for a baby to go in the day w/out food. To top it off, when we got back there they told me that she didn't have to fast- someone told me wrong. What can you do but laugh sometimes!
Somehow by body has seemed to adjust to the lack of sleep. I am still getting up around 1 and then Either Eric or i stay up with her from 4:30-8 am as she tries to sleep- but can't b/c she can't get comfortable. She is better in the day though.
We do truly have a lot to be thankful for- it could be so much worst.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Naomi's first wedding

My Friend Eileen from Jacksonville got married this weekend in Augusta. It was sweet of her to want me in it. We took Nathan to the grandparents and Eric was sweet to be in charge of Naomi as I got to enjoy the festivities


Eric and Nathan dressed up as train and an engineer!
We decided to just let Nathan wear his Thomas the train PJ's b/c he fought us when we tried to get him to wear a costume that actually had something on his head. He was just as happy and so were we.

Ali was Wilma Flinstone and I went as a nurse.

Some other fun costumes.

We had a costume party at Eric sister Alison's house on Halloween. It was her 26th birthday and she also lives on the most popular street in macon for trick or treaters. The whole Grad and Career group from the church was invited and everyone had soup and handed out candy. Eric and I took turns going. He took Nathan earlier and I stayed home with Naomi since her immune system was still weak from the infection. I went later and snapped some fun picture