Sunday, October 28, 2007

switching back

Naomi doing some exercise with Dad after he celebrates the dawgs big win on Saturday.

well the trial period is over... and no real change. So, we are back to normal life with nursing and no more continual pumping. Of course we wanted her to feel better with the pre- digested formula, but it was a real hassle. Not to mention that the formula smelled like canned dog food. She stunk all the time. Which isn't a lot different from her normal state other than the severity of the smell. So, I guess our next step is to be patient and wait for her GI tract to mature. The Dr. said it would take until she was 3-4 months. Pray for us as we continue to live without much sleep. I am ready for her to just seem normal. What is normal anyway? Pray I will trust the Lord as I try to unselfishly meet her needs for comfort and sleep.

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Baby Clip said...

I'm glad for you that you didn't have to give up your joy of nursing. I will pray that you can find joy in that during the night and during those really hard times when she is in pain. What a giving and loving momma you are!

p.s. I was AMAZED at how well Naomi can hold up her head. Clip still refuses to lift his head up at ALL while on his tummy. He just starts screaming whenever we put him on his tummy....despite my constant attempts! What a strong girl you are Naomi! You're putting Clip to shame! :)