Tuesday, October 9, 2007

our life these days

I don't want this blog to be a place to complain or to vent- b/c I have realized how much I truly have to be thankful for. Yet, I must be honest and say that these days life is challenging. The diagnosis these days on Naomi is that she has an immature digestive system and much like colic it will take until she is around 3 mos. for it to relax and develop. I don't think she has colic- most of her issues are all revolved around her digestion. It is a lot of grunting, straining, screaming and pulling her legs up in a ball. I have been so tempted to let her sleep on her tummy. It seems that it is the hardest for her in the middle of the night. Most of our nights look like this: she is hurting around 7 ish and fusses for 1/2 hours and eventually will take a nap. I Feed her at 10:30, wake up with her grunting her around 1am and I feed her and she eases back to sleep. She wakes around 3am upset and hurting and we try to console her for an hour or so then I feed her around 4am b/c it calms her down and will dose off usually. She wakes again around 6am hurting and I walk her around or snuggle on the coach with her and hold her close, pat, rock whatever seems to help at the time until she falls asleep again usually around 7:30- 8 and then Nathan wakes up. She fusses for another hour or so in the morning until she finally is exhausted and she is off and on during the day. I know the pediatricians office thinks I am crazy b/c i keep calling with symptoms and questions. The last time I talked to them they said that my only option is to try this special formula to see if it helps- but by the time she really adjusted to it it might take up to 3 mos. -which is as long as hopefully it will take for her digestive tract to mature. So, I am gonna stick it out with nursing. She is gaining well- probably b/c eating is the only thing that seems to comfort her. Babies are supposed to be fat, right?

Nathan has been so sweet and fun lately. He has reminded me of what I have to look forward to with Naomi. She soon enough will be able to run around the house and repeat everything I say and scream from her room after I shut the door for night time " Love you Mama."

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