Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To cry or not to cry?

So, the pediatrician says that Naomi definitely has GI tract issues. He gave us some drops for the cramping... but he said he would hold out another week before calling her colicky. The days have been hard to see her hurting and so uncomfortable. But, Nathan provides me with a distraction from the unnerving crying. He is handling the cryign better these days- as long as I am giving him attention. She hasn't been as bad as Nathan yet... so I am holding out. Right now a lot of her issues occur around 3- 7 am. So we are a little delirious. I remember Nathan started in the early morn and when he got his nights and days organized, it shifted to the late afternoon. So, we will see. Even though she has issues, I love her so much... more than I knew i could love such a little person that barely can acknowledge me.


Danny and Aspa said...

Annette- I'm just so sorry to hear about little Naomi's pains. Please know we are praying for you. Coleman also went though a bat obessive stage which lead into a golf and tennis phase. Remember when we had that ball tied up across his room? I highly recommend it!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Baby Clip said...

We'll be praying for little Naomi's stomach to settle and that if it MUST have issues, that they would occur at least during daylight hours when you're not trying to sleep!
It won't last forever! Remember how quickly they grow up and try to cherish each moment that you get to hold her in your arms and comfort her. (Of course there are many moments when you can't do this because you're busy, but when you can or are able....)
Before we know it, they'll be too big for us to hold! :)