Monday, September 24, 2007

Eric is Ordained!

Eric asked Nathan this morning if he realized that he was officially a PK (pastors kid). Nathan's usual response was "huh." We had the ordination and installation service last night. It was way more special than I anticipated. We had about 25 family members over to our house before for a reception and I was running around trying to get everything done... so by the time i dropped Nathan off to the nursery(crying as usual) and I gave Naomi to a friend that offered to sit outside with her if she had an stomach problems- I sat down in the pew and after it begun I just wanted to cry. All that the Lord has done in our lives seemed to point to this night. All he has prepared us for - we are able to dive in and use. The service was very meaningful. Our Pastor from STL. flew in to preach the sermon and Eric's RUF campus minister from Mercer gave him the Charge. All the prayers and vows were so meaningful. We are so grateful for such a supportive church family and biological family. We know the hard times of ministry are on the way... but we are enjoying these sweet days. Eric kept joking me that for his benediction he was going to say " May the Lord bless you with children." or " May the Lord be with you like white on rice." Thankfully he went with a traditional one.


Alyssa said...

Congrats Eric!! We really miss you guys.

Audrey said...

Praise GOD! Congrats on this wonderful achievement that you've been preparing for for so long!

Tebbano Family said...

Congratulations, Reverend Ashley! The Lord is so faithful!