Saturday, September 29, 2007

oh baby!

Naomi is 5 1/2 weeks and i have been holding out that her crying will get better- but i have to be honest and say- it hasn't. I know that is what babies do- cry- but not screaming in pain- and not during the day and night! I went to the pediatrician on thursday to just see if there was anything else for us to do for her. He gave her some acid reflux medicine and some drops for stomach cramping and said she has an immature digestive tract b/c she grunts and strains all the time. I can't remember one nap that she hasn't woken up from early in pain. He also suggested that she might not be able to digest my milk and that after a couple of weeks we might have to try some partially digested formula (sounds pretty gross). I am hoping not- that would be really sad. We are all pretty sleep deprived and on edge. It is hard to watch a baby hurt. Nathan has gotten better with the crying and just says "oh no, Naomi"
On a thankful note- it is starting to feel like fall.
I look forward to going for walks, pumkin spice lattes(though i am not suppossed to drink milk), football season and no more mosiqitos.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Eric is Ordained!

Eric asked Nathan this morning if he realized that he was officially a PK (pastors kid). Nathan's usual response was "huh." We had the ordination and installation service last night. It was way more special than I anticipated. We had about 25 family members over to our house before for a reception and I was running around trying to get everything done... so by the time i dropped Nathan off to the nursery(crying as usual) and I gave Naomi to a friend that offered to sit outside with her if she had an stomach problems- I sat down in the pew and after it begun I just wanted to cry. All that the Lord has done in our lives seemed to point to this night. All he has prepared us for - we are able to dive in and use. The service was very meaningful. Our Pastor from STL. flew in to preach the sermon and Eric's RUF campus minister from Mercer gave him the Charge. All the prayers and vows were so meaningful. We are so grateful for such a supportive church family and biological family. We know the hard times of ministry are on the way... but we are enjoying these sweet days. Eric kept joking me that for his benediction he was going to say " May the Lord bless you with children." or " May the Lord be with you like white on rice." Thankfully he went with a traditional one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To cry or not to cry?

So, the pediatrician says that Naomi definitely has GI tract issues. He gave us some drops for the cramping... but he said he would hold out another week before calling her colicky. The days have been hard to see her hurting and so uncomfortable. But, Nathan provides me with a distraction from the unnerving crying. He is handling the cryign better these days- as long as I am giving him attention. She hasn't been as bad as Nathan yet... so I am holding out. Right now a lot of her issues occur around 3- 7 am. So we are a little delirious. I remember Nathan started in the early morn and when he got his nights and days organized, it shifted to the late afternoon. So, we will see. Even though she has issues, I love her so much... more than I knew i could love such a little person that barely can acknowledge me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

three weeks of life for Naomi and hurray for Eric!

Today marks three weeks of life for Naomi. They have been a blur. You can imagine why. I have enjoyed her so much... but i must say these nights have been very long and sleep has been what I have longed for greatly. I am so nervous that she is going to be like Nathan when he was an infant. She has already shown signs of stomach issues and is very often uncomfortable. I have had to modify my diet (which has made me cranky) and I think she is lactose intolerant! We go to the pediatrician tomorrow so hopefully he can give me some much desired guidance with her.

On a thankful note... Eric passed his ordination exams!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are all so thankful! You can imagine why these past three weeks have been difficult for us. He had to use all extra time preparing for these exams and to stand before the presbetary this past weekend. I think he had an ulcer! I have had a cold for the past few days and I think we are just so thankful to be turning a corner with our responsibilites. Pray for our rest and perspectives... how do ya'll do it with more than two kids?