Monday, July 16, 2007

The summer is flying by!

So, i haven't done a very good job in keeping up with this blog. The summer has been fun- and filled with a lot of transition. Overall, we have all adjusted. Nathan still screams anytime we leave him with anyone... i am praying it will eventually get better. He and I both cry every Sunday morning when i drop him off for nursery. He is pitiful- starts shaking and lip quivering as soon as we walk into the church.
On a happy note- it is so fun to watch him develop physically- trying to run everywhere. Verbally- he tries most words. He loves to sing, spot out construction trucks, cranes and tractors, play with balls and wants to read or look at anything with Elmo. Why is it that kids like Elmo so much?
Eric is enjoying the challenge of church ministry and is trying to not solve the world's problems in the second month of his job. He and I end up staying up late at night talking through ministry stuff and the possibilities of what God can do. It is a lot of fun.
As for me- i am as big as a house. The maternity clothes that i thought i would never be big enough to fit into are fitting me! I will have a good fall challenge to work off the weight. We have 7 weeks left before this baby is due... still working on a name.

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, and Sophie said...

enjoyed your little update. Wish you would update more often! We read it, and I'm sure many others do too!
By the way, I feel as big as a house too, and am discouraged to be outgrowing many of my maternity clothes, but I don't want to buy more for only 6 more weeks! Its so frustrating!
Keep us updated!