Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Nathan's new adventures

Nathan has been inventing a lot of words lately. I have always thought it was strange how a parent can interpret what seems like jibberish to me. People seem to have a hard time interpretting what Nathan is saying- because he is very creative in naming things.

ma with a giggle-please
bye-bye-stands for getting rid of things, shutting things and when he wants someone to leave his presence.
ball- anything round
beep beep- anything with wheels
toot toot- boats
dack dack- ducks
wa wa- water( but he doesn't understand that you can't drink the water in puddles)

He is a lot of fun right now. I think he is an extrovert. Anytime he is around other kids he comes alive. He tries to hug everyone. He misses his St. Louis friends. He often calls for Anna or "nanna" and Max or " Mac". He also thinks that everyone is playing his chasing game including me when i am trying to get him to obey.

thanks for being interested in us!


shmaynor said...

We miss you SOOO much! Briggs said yesterday, "Nathan is a big boy, isn't he? Just like me!"

Hurst Family said...

Hi Annette! I love your blog! How wonderful that Eric graduated and you are back close to home! I know your families are excited. I will be checking this often. Your house is sooo beautiful. Love, Tara

Janet said...

I love that Nathan says beep beep and toot toot....just like his Uncle Sinbad!
Love ya!

Amy&Andy said...

Annette- Happy Birthday! We hope you have a great day! We miss you guys- talk to you soon, amy and andy