Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

Last year we did not even try to get Nathan to sit on Santa's lap b/c he was deathly afraid of him, but this year we thought he might be better. We thought wrong. Naomi looks like she is scheming up some great plans for Santa.
It is always so hard to get a decent family picture. But we keep trying.

It doesn't seem like Christmastime around here. Some days we are even wearing short sleeves. It has been nice to be able to get outside to playgrounds.

Please notice the lovely Christmas vests compliments of Eric's mother. She didn't appreciate us asking her for some sweaters to wear to a Cheezy Christmas Sweater Christmas party. His mom did work for the school system for 30 + years. If you look closely you can see that Eric is wearing a Santa necklace!

Nathan is so fun these days... but he is getting heavy and long. The emotions of an almost 2 year old keep my arms full with him saying " want me to hold you"- which is actually just repeating what I say to him when he reaches for me to hold him. I guess there will be a day when he will not want me to hold him.

Nathan is so attached to his doggies these days. He has to have two of them with him, his "brown doggie" which is a blanket with a dog head on it given from my friend Rachel from Macon and the " blue doggie" is one that I tried for the longest time to get him to be attached to b/c he had such bad separation anxiety and I thought it would help him when I had to leave him. Now he is very attached to it... so much so that we lost it a few months ago and I had to look online for one just like it. The only one I could find had a barking mechanism in it - so I got it and tore the noise maker out and sewed it back up. Oh the things we do for our children!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Naomi's baptism

Naomi got baptised on Dec. 2nd. Eric's family as well as my family got to come and be with us! Both Naomi and Nathan did well. Naomi was alert and just smiling. She actually handled to water on her head and face pretty well. It is amazing to think of them as people who will one day decide to be a covenant keeper or breaker... oh how I need to continually be on my knees for them as they embrace this world! I am not trying to get theological here. I just realize that most of their decisions in life right now are decided by me and I have to realize that being a mom means that I have to trust the Lord completely with them. Pray that I will be a mom that prays and prays and prays!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Naomi update

My pediatrician said her tummy should get better around 3 mos.- she is almost 4 mos. and I have been patiently waiting. I do think it is slowly improving. Last night she slept the longest stretch w/out her stomach cramping...7hrs! Unfortunately it was from 8:30- 3:30 am. If only I could make myself go to bed that early! Today her naps have been better- so I am getting hopeful! She is so cute- when she is feeling good. She loves to play on her tummy then roll over to her back. She is so much stronger than Nathan ever was. She is getting so long and chubby- she is already outgrowing her 3 mos. clothes! Babies grow too fast!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elephant and Octopus

I love this stage wit Nathan. He is so chatty and creative. Everything is an adventure to him. Our trip during Thanksgiving was fun on the road b/c he was so entertained by all the vehicles that past by. At breakfast a lot of time he will look out of our bay window in the breakfast room and tell us what he sees out there. There has been a lion (a.k.a. a golden retriever), an elephant and today he said " I see octupus out there." Granted we do have a million leaves covering the ground- so maybe he is right.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thankful for family!

The Ashley girls at Thanksgiving in South Ga. (GiGi, Annette, Naomi, Kathryn and Alison!)

Uncle Todd got to spend some time with Naomi.
Aunt Kathryn got her opportunity to comfort Naomi- they look ready for one of their own- don't you think? It was good to be with family and to have extra hands to hold fussy children. We got to spend Tuesday night before Thanksgiving with Annette's family and we realize how thankful we are to have our family so much closer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Naomi update

So her tests came back fine, so thankfully it must of just been a fluke. The test were not fun though. They told me not to feed her 4 hrs. before her appointment at 9 am. So, we patiently waited and didn't get seen until 11:00! I didn't get to feed her until 11:30. If you have a baby you know 6 1/2 hrs. is quite a stretch for a baby to go in the day w/out food. To top it off, when we got back there they told me that she didn't have to fast- someone told me wrong. What can you do but laugh sometimes!
Somehow by body has seemed to adjust to the lack of sleep. I am still getting up around 1 and then Either Eric or i stay up with her from 4:30-8 am as she tries to sleep- but can't b/c she can't get comfortable. She is better in the day though.
We do truly have a lot to be thankful for- it could be so much worst.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Naomi's first wedding

My Friend Eileen from Jacksonville got married this weekend in Augusta. It was sweet of her to want me in it. We took Nathan to the grandparents and Eric was sweet to be in charge of Naomi as I got to enjoy the festivities


Eric and Nathan dressed up as train and an engineer!
We decided to just let Nathan wear his Thomas the train PJ's b/c he fought us when we tried to get him to wear a costume that actually had something on his head. He was just as happy and so were we.

Ali was Wilma Flinstone and I went as a nurse.

Some other fun costumes.

We had a costume party at Eric sister Alison's house on Halloween. It was her 26th birthday and she also lives on the most popular street in macon for trick or treaters. The whole Grad and Career group from the church was invited and everyone had soup and handed out candy. Eric and I took turns going. He took Nathan earlier and I stayed home with Naomi since her immune system was still weak from the infection. I went later and snapped some fun picture

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More baby drama

So, after all my complaining about Naomi's crying- the Lord reminded me of all we have to be thankful for. As we were getting ready for church on Sunday night, Eric noticed Naomi wasn't feeling well. She had just awoken from a nap and was moaning some. We took her temperature and it was 102.5! I remembered the Dr. saying to not let a newborn have a temperature higher than 100.4- and I immediately freaked out. We went to the after hours Dr.'s office. When they checked her temp. it was 104.5!!!!!! They ran a bunch of tests and realized she had an urinary tract infection and admitted her to the hospital for antibiotics and further tests. We stayed Sunday and Monday night and came home late morning today. she is back to normal- but will have some x-rays and further tests to see if it is linked to her bladder or kidneys next week.
Being a parent is a lot harder than I ever realized.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

switching back

Naomi doing some exercise with Dad after he celebrates the dawgs big win on Saturday.

well the trial period is over... and no real change. So, we are back to normal life with nursing and no more continual pumping. Of course we wanted her to feel better with the pre- digested formula, but it was a real hassle. Not to mention that the formula smelled like canned dog food. She stunk all the time. Which isn't a lot different from her normal state other than the severity of the smell. So, I guess our next step is to be patient and wait for her GI tract to mature. The Dr. said it would take until she was 3-4 months. Pray for us as we continue to live without much sleep. I am ready for her to just seem normal. What is normal anyway? Pray I will trust the Lord as I try to unselfishly meet her needs for comfort and sleep.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sad day for me

Today was Naomi's 2 month check- up at the pediatrician's office. Her digestive problems have seemed to continue and not let up. He kept calling it colic and I told him I thought it was different than Nathan's colic so I didn't think it was colic. He said that is b/c it was severe colic! "Goodness" I thought. How have I survived 9 weeks of such sad crying? He continued to say that he really recommended that I try this pre- digested formula. My eyes welled up with tears. He said that he would do it with his own child to see if it will help her hurting and ours. He said to give it 3 days to see if it helps. If it helps then she just could not digest my milk, but if she does not do better in 3 days then it is just her tummy and it will time to develop. I am not sure if I want it to work or not. I have been so emotional today. I am not ready to stop nursing and I will be so sad- but of course I want what will make her feel better and make my family more rested. Even Nathan wakes up during the night with her hurting. Pray for us. I know it is a little struggle in the big scheme of struggles.
Oh, by the way she is growing great. The doctor said that babies with colic are usually fat b/c it hurts their stomach if it is empty. She is 75th percentile weighing 11lbs 13 oz. She is 95th percentile in length, being 24 1/4th inches long.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Fun

Could she be any cuter? She loves her Mary Jane socks from Audrey Woita.
" This is just my size"

Nathan and Naomi with Eric in the pumpkin patch. Naomi was a little bored.

We were able to have people over to carve pumpkins and have a praise and Worship time with the Grad and Career group from our church.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playing around the House

I walked into the playroom yesterday with Nathan "reading" books and naming the things on the pages. Sometimes he is so cute. This is one of the few times he is ever self entertained. The other thing that entertains him is to play with his trucks. He lines them all up one after the other and talks to them all. I told Eric I think it is the way boys play barbies.
I am sure every mom thinks their child is Brilliant.

Naomi really doesn't mind being on her tummy- I think it feels good to her.

Nathan has started wanting to kiss Naomi- most of the time it is on the eye!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

our life these days

I don't want this blog to be a place to complain or to vent- b/c I have realized how much I truly have to be thankful for. Yet, I must be honest and say that these days life is challenging. The diagnosis these days on Naomi is that she has an immature digestive system and much like colic it will take until she is around 3 mos. for it to relax and develop. I don't think she has colic- most of her issues are all revolved around her digestion. It is a lot of grunting, straining, screaming and pulling her legs up in a ball. I have been so tempted to let her sleep on her tummy. It seems that it is the hardest for her in the middle of the night. Most of our nights look like this: she is hurting around 7 ish and fusses for 1/2 hours and eventually will take a nap. I Feed her at 10:30, wake up with her grunting her around 1am and I feed her and she eases back to sleep. She wakes around 3am upset and hurting and we try to console her for an hour or so then I feed her around 4am b/c it calms her down and will dose off usually. She wakes again around 6am hurting and I walk her around or snuggle on the coach with her and hold her close, pat, rock whatever seems to help at the time until she falls asleep again usually around 7:30- 8 and then Nathan wakes up. She fusses for another hour or so in the morning until she finally is exhausted and she is off and on during the day. I know the pediatricians office thinks I am crazy b/c i keep calling with symptoms and questions. The last time I talked to them they said that my only option is to try this special formula to see if it helps- but by the time she really adjusted to it it might take up to 3 mos. -which is as long as hopefully it will take for her digestive tract to mature. So, I am gonna stick it out with nursing. She is gaining well- probably b/c eating is the only thing that seems to comfort her. Babies are supposed to be fat, right?

Nathan has been so sweet and fun lately. He has reminded me of what I have to look forward to with Naomi. She soon enough will be able to run around the house and repeat everything I say and scream from her room after I shut the door for night time " Love you Mama."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

oh baby!

Naomi is 5 1/2 weeks and i have been holding out that her crying will get better- but i have to be honest and say- it hasn't. I know that is what babies do- cry- but not screaming in pain- and not during the day and night! I went to the pediatrician on thursday to just see if there was anything else for us to do for her. He gave her some acid reflux medicine and some drops for stomach cramping and said she has an immature digestive tract b/c she grunts and strains all the time. I can't remember one nap that she hasn't woken up from early in pain. He also suggested that she might not be able to digest my milk and that after a couple of weeks we might have to try some partially digested formula (sounds pretty gross). I am hoping not- that would be really sad. We are all pretty sleep deprived and on edge. It is hard to watch a baby hurt. Nathan has gotten better with the crying and just says "oh no, Naomi"
On a thankful note- it is starting to feel like fall.
I look forward to going for walks, pumkin spice lattes(though i am not suppossed to drink milk), football season and no more mosiqitos.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Eric is Ordained!

Eric asked Nathan this morning if he realized that he was officially a PK (pastors kid). Nathan's usual response was "huh." We had the ordination and installation service last night. It was way more special than I anticipated. We had about 25 family members over to our house before for a reception and I was running around trying to get everything done... so by the time i dropped Nathan off to the nursery(crying as usual) and I gave Naomi to a friend that offered to sit outside with her if she had an stomach problems- I sat down in the pew and after it begun I just wanted to cry. All that the Lord has done in our lives seemed to point to this night. All he has prepared us for - we are able to dive in and use. The service was very meaningful. Our Pastor from STL. flew in to preach the sermon and Eric's RUF campus minister from Mercer gave him the Charge. All the prayers and vows were so meaningful. We are so grateful for such a supportive church family and biological family. We know the hard times of ministry are on the way... but we are enjoying these sweet days. Eric kept joking me that for his benediction he was going to say " May the Lord bless you with children." or " May the Lord be with you like white on rice." Thankfully he went with a traditional one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

To cry or not to cry?

So, the pediatrician says that Naomi definitely has GI tract issues. He gave us some drops for the cramping... but he said he would hold out another week before calling her colicky. The days have been hard to see her hurting and so uncomfortable. But, Nathan provides me with a distraction from the unnerving crying. He is handling the cryign better these days- as long as I am giving him attention. She hasn't been as bad as Nathan yet... so I am holding out. Right now a lot of her issues occur around 3- 7 am. So we are a little delirious. I remember Nathan started in the early morn and when he got his nights and days organized, it shifted to the late afternoon. So, we will see. Even though she has issues, I love her so much... more than I knew i could love such a little person that barely can acknowledge me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

three weeks of life for Naomi and hurray for Eric!

Today marks three weeks of life for Naomi. They have been a blur. You can imagine why. I have enjoyed her so much... but i must say these nights have been very long and sleep has been what I have longed for greatly. I am so nervous that she is going to be like Nathan when he was an infant. She has already shown signs of stomach issues and is very often uncomfortable. I have had to modify my diet (which has made me cranky) and I think she is lactose intolerant! We go to the pediatrician tomorrow so hopefully he can give me some much desired guidance with her.

On a thankful note... Eric passed his ordination exams!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are all so thankful! You can imagine why these past three weeks have been difficult for us. He had to use all extra time preparing for these exams and to stand before the presbetary this past weekend. I think he had an ulcer! I have had a cold for the past few days and I think we are just so thankful to be turning a corner with our responsibilites. Pray for our rest and perspectives... how do ya'll do it with more than two kids?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Naomi Elizabeth Ashley

So, she came earlier than we expected... but we are so thankful. At my doctors appointment on Wednesday morning my doctor checked me and said I was dilated 5cm and it looked like the baby was on her way. He sent us directly on to the hospital. He was afraid if we went home too long the baby would come fast and we would not have time to get to the hospital. My doctor broke my water at 2 and she was born at 4:05!!! So amazing! Another amazing part was that one of the men in our church is an anesthesiologist and advised me to at least try to get an epidural. So, as soon as we got to the hospital we met with this dear doctor and he administered the epidural. The epidural was not the most successful one, but it definitely helped in the beginning and then at the time to push the baby out. The Lord is so amazing to us!! I still felt the contractions- but is was so short! She had a little fluid in her lungs, but after one night of monitoring she was fine. She weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. She has dark brown hair and has been so sweet(of course b/c she is mostly asleep.) Pray for us as we know the sleepless nights are on their way. Pray for Eric as he feels pulled with job responsibilities being intense as he begins his job. Thanks for your prayers and interest!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Adventure to the David Wilcox Concert

So, my doctor told me not to travel.... but come on, i could probably sit around the house for 2 more weeks and still be dilated 4 cm. So, we risked it and went to Atlanta ( which is 1 1/2 hrs away.) Some people from the church all piled in our mini- v and made the trip to little five points. The concert was great and relaxing- but he only played 2 fast songs the whole time. Also, i have a hard time being comfortable these days in the best circumstances- so being in a place where the AC wasn't really working- made it challenging. Nevertheless, Eric was really refreshed by his music and he needed that.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

baby soon, please!

So I went for a check up today being almost 36 weeks. Surprisingly i was 3 cm dialated and he said "effaced a lot"- whatever that means. But, i am not getting my hopes up b/c it was like that with Nathan for about 2-3 weeks before. He did say that if I didn't have the baby by 38 weeks he would recommend breaking my water. I have been having contractions for a while- so maybe they will start to get serious. He doesn't want me traveling- so i am trying to decide if i still want to make some last trips. Thanks for your interest. I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jacksonville Friends Reunion

Every year some of my dear friends and I get together for a weekend or so to reconnect and laugh. Thankfully they were willing to retreat in Macon so I did not have to drive. We had so much fun relaxing and laughing with each other. I was introduced to 2 new games- boxers and briefs and apples to apples. I am not a huge game person- but they were really funny. Eric still laughs at me playing a card on Jenny describing her as a man trapped in a womans body. Others played cards on me describing me as " pleasantly plump" and "big were it counts."

Anyway, this weeekend made me so thankful for the friends God has placed in my life and how committed they are to me!

Monday, July 30, 2007

First night away from Nathan

Eric led a college retreat this past weekend in Panama City and I went for 1 day and a half. Eric's parents stayed with him and said he was "perfect"- but you know that a grandparents eyes are a little tainted.
I came back late Sat. and on Sunday, after a rough day at the church nursery for Nathan, i went to get him up after a nap. Clumsily, i fell down our stairs with Nathan in one arm and his drink in another. He and the baby were fine, but after going to the doctor today, i found out that I just bruised my foot. I haven't been able to put a lot of weight( which i have a lot of these days) on it- but feel it healing. I have gotten out of some chores around the house and I have a valid excuse for not excersizing!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer fun

So, Nathan bummed this pool float off of some other toddler at the beach and had a hard time letting go. As you can tell he made the car sound the whole time he was riding in it. I used to think his shirts stayed wet from teething- but now it is just because he makes the car sound everytime he sees anything with wheels.

Summertime in Ga. brings bugs! I feel like the negligent mother because if you look closely right now at Nathan you will see around 10 mosquito bites and 2 spider bites! It is hard to not let him play outside- b/c of course it is his favorite place to be. And yes, he has bug spray on. Any suggestions from you seasoned parents?

My child must have the most sensitive skin of all!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The summer is flying by!

So, i haven't done a very good job in keeping up with this blog. The summer has been fun- and filled with a lot of transition. Overall, we have all adjusted. Nathan still screams anytime we leave him with anyone... i am praying it will eventually get better. He and I both cry every Sunday morning when i drop him off for nursery. He is pitiful- starts shaking and lip quivering as soon as we walk into the church.
On a happy note- it is so fun to watch him develop physically- trying to run everywhere. Verbally- he tries most words. He loves to sing, spot out construction trucks, cranes and tractors, play with balls and wants to read or look at anything with Elmo. Why is it that kids like Elmo so much?
Eric is enjoying the challenge of church ministry and is trying to not solve the world's problems in the second month of his job. He and I end up staying up late at night talking through ministry stuff and the possibilities of what God can do. It is a lot of fun.
As for me- i am as big as a house. The maternity clothes that i thought i would never be big enough to fit into are fitting me! I will have a good fall challenge to work off the weight. We have 7 weeks left before this baby is due... still working on a name.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Nathan's new adventures

Nathan has been inventing a lot of words lately. I have always thought it was strange how a parent can interpret what seems like jibberish to me. People seem to have a hard time interpretting what Nathan is saying- because he is very creative in naming things.

ma with a giggle-please
bye-bye-stands for getting rid of things, shutting things and when he wants someone to leave his presence.
ball- anything round
beep beep- anything with wheels
toot toot- boats
dack dack- ducks
wa wa- water( but he doesn't understand that you can't drink the water in puddles)

He is a lot of fun right now. I think he is an extrovert. Anytime he is around other kids he comes alive. He tries to hug everyone. He misses his St. Louis friends. He often calls for Anna or "nanna" and Max or " Mac". He also thinks that everyone is playing his chasing game including me when i am trying to get him to obey.

thanks for being interested in us!

Friday, June 1, 2007

life changing

Eric has now successfully completed seminary at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis and we have moved back to the south. He has officially started his new job at First Presbyterian Church as Assistant Pastor to Young Adults. We are getting acclamated to our new home and back to the south. Thank you for all of your support, prayer and concern for us over these last years. We look forward to jumping into ministry and life here and Macon. Keep us posted with your lives.